Ray Weeks and Forrest Robinson have worked together for more than 35 years, developing and acquiring more than $2.5 billion of industrial/office properties.


Forrest and Ray starting working together at A.R Weeks & Associates and led it to become the Atlanta region’s biggest build-to-suit developer of industrial buildings, setting the standard for developing industrial parks


Ray becomes CEO of A.R. Weeks & Associates and rebrands company as Weeks Corporation


Took Weeks Corporation public (NYSE: WKS), growing the company to more than $2 billion in assets with operations in 10 cities


Merged with Duke Realty, L.P. to create Duke-Weeks Realty Corp., the largest public real estate company, with a $5.5 billion real estate investment trust with significant scale across 17 cities


Forrest joined Cousins Properties as President of its Industrial Division; Ray formed Cousins/Weeks Ventures


Formed Weeks Robinson Properties, eventually raising more than $150MM in equity to acquire and develop nearly 10 million square feet of industrial property and create build-to-suit programs


Formed Robinson Weeks Partners, a privately held firm to develop and invest with select industrial users, owners, and investors