Robinson Weeks Partners continues to build on its 40-year legacy. Stay up to date with the most recent projects and coverage.

Daniel Tebbano

Daniel Tebbano is responsible for managing all new building developments and tenant improvement projects for the firm.  In his role, Mr. Tebbano develops strategies to ensure the firm’s developments ...

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Jon Stoudt

Jon Stoudt joined the team in 2020 and is responsible for an array of strategic initiatives at Robinson Weeks. Mr. Stoudt has a strong knowledge base in areas of valuation, economic forecasting, and ...

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Matt Davis

Matt Davis is responsible for all marketing and leasing activities for the firm. In his role, Mr. Davis develops strategies and executes tactics to promote the company to lease its existing and speculative/acquired ...

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Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones is responsible for the sourcing, acquisition, development, and disposition of industrial real estate investments for the firm. To source new investment opportunities, Mr. Jones works with ...

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Kit Baker

Kit Baker is responsible for managing new building developments and tenant improvement projects.  In addition to this, he is involved in the underwriting of new project opportunities. Prior to joining ...

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John Jennings

John Jennings joined Robinson Weeks Partners in 2012 and has held progressively responsible roles, culminating in his being named chief financial officer in June 2017. As CFO, Jennings is responsible ...

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David Welch

David Welch is responsible for the overall operations and growth of the firm including the implementation and oversight of its developments, acquisitions, and dispositions. He maintains key relationships ...

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Forrest Robinson

Forrest Robinson is Co-Chairman and co-founder of Robinson Weeks Partners. The company has acquired or developed more than 15 million square feet of industrial buildings in the past 12 years. Prior ...

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